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BOTAN (I’m With You)

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network just announced the results of its ‘Help Japan’ competitions, a multi-faceted effort to support Japan and help provide relief to the disaster areas at different stages of the recovery process. Design a small accessory to help deliver the message “I’m with you!” and serve as a symbol of support, love, and solidarity. The winner, as chosen by representatives of DESIGN 21 and Felissimo, was awarded $3,000 and the winning design will be produced and sold by Felissimo with a percentage of the proceeds benefitting the Relief Fund. It’s super nice, Cha!

Annisa Fardha

Winner: Annisa Fardha Nabila
Design: BOTAN
Origin: Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

BOTANBOTAN (meaning “button” in Japanese), designed by Annisa Fardha Nabila, is no ordinary button. Above and below the button holes are additional engraved shapes that give the impression of two people standing. When a string is inserted through the holes, it looks like they are holding hands, expressing the message, “I’m with you!” Crafted from wood with a red-ish hue to represent Japan, BOTAN can be used as a myriad of fashion accessories, whether a necklace, bracelet, key chain or button. As UNESCO states, “The color red, the button hole design, and the concept of thread symbolizing connection are what led us to select BOTAN as the winner.”

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